Bayonne Firefighters Union Endorses Team Davis

The union representing the city’s firefighters has officially endorsed Mayor Jimmy Davis and Team Davis in the May 8th municipal election. Citing the Mayor’s commitment to proper staffing levels, providing cutting edge equipment and moving the city forward, FMBA Local 11 voted unanimously to endorse Team Davis. 

“First responders like our Bayonne Firefighters put their lives on the line every day to keep our city safe and they deserve a partner in city hall who has their back, so our team has always done everything we can to support them,” said Mayor Davis. “I’m so proud to have the endorsement of our both our local firefighters and our police union, because they and the residents of Bayonne all see the progress we are making together and want to continue moving our city forward.” 

The Bayonne Fire Department is consistently ranked as one of the state’s finest, and Mayor Davis and his team have worked to provide funding to continue making the department even more effective. Recently, BFD became the only fire department in the state to equip all firefighters with thermal imaging cameras designed to aid in search and rescue operations. 

“I first got to know Jimmy Davis when he was a Bayonne Police Officer and we served together, and I know he is someone with an incredible amount of character and dedication to serving our city,” said FMBA Local 11 President Pete Bonner. “His commitment to putting Bayonne first is clear from the long-awaited development of MOTBY, to the clear improvements to our parks to the revitalization of Broadway, and I know Team Davis is the right choice to continue leading us forward.”