What’s in a Bayonne Box? Bayonne People.

Lately you may have heard a lot in the news about the “Bayonne Box” style of architecture. These sturdy, roomy houses fill many of our city’s streets and are home to a lot of our friends and family. Some think they look a little dated and unfashionable, but to many of us they are a reminder of the place we call home.

Our streets may not be lined with brownstones, colonials or Victorian homes. Bayonne is not known for the McMasion. What we are know for is our pride in our City. That No matter where we go we will proclaim that we are from Bayonne.

Bayonne is a great place to live, full of incredible people and a tight-knit community that cares about each other and it is only getting better.

There are so many great things happening right now in Bayonne, from the $2.5 billion in new development coming in and creating $10 million in new annual tax revenue, to the long-awaited development of MOTBY with a Costco, Starbucks, new housing, thousands of jobs and a ferry terminal, to the many upgrades being made at our city parks. Bayonne’s future is looking bright and we’re on the verge of really changing how other people think about our city. That’s why we decided we couldn’t sit back and allow another city to poke fun at us, and it’s why we’ll always stand up for Bayonne.

What’s in a Bayonne box? The answer is people. The kind of people who make Bayonne the place we all want to live in. The kind of people who pull together in times of tragedy and help their neighbors. The kind of people who volunteer their time to coach in recreation leagues, or help students with after-school programs, or participate in community organizations. The kind of people who can always be counted on to do the right thing.

I’m proud to live in Bayonne, and even prouder to serve as your Mayor. Our city may be full of Bayonne Boxes, but it’s also full of Bayonne People. And that’s what makes it great.